Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

12 of 12 February 2011

My Saturday always starts with a wonderful breakfast. This is what we usually have on weekends. And cafe latte and eggs and honey and jam and and and....

This is a project initiated by Chad Darnell and I am taking part today. To take part you have to take 12 photos of the 12th of the month and publish them with a link to Chad Darnell. Here are my 12 photos of February 12, 2011. Hope you will enjoy my photos and stories.

My husband is the one who does the grocery shopping on weekends. He also gets the rolls for breakfast and in addition I always get some fresh flowers. Isn't he charming?

So heißt ein Projekt ins Leben gerufen von Chad Darnell und ich mache heute mit. Das heißt, man macht am 12. des Monats 12 Fotos und veröffentlicht sie mit einem link zu Chad Darnell. Hier sind meine 12 Fotos vom 12. Februar 2011. Ich hoffe, euch gefallen meine Fotos und Geschichten dazu.

Laundry every day and Saturday is no exception. Today I had an enormous amount of socks (three boys who like their sports that's why) .
I really thought spring was here just yesterday. Today it was snowing all day.
The first flowers of the year (we call them Winterlinge) are now covered in snow.
On the hunt for snowflake macros in the garden and I did catch one.
840 eggs waiting patiently to be painted for the Easter market season starting end of February.
A few weeks ago my youngest son started to take piano lessons. Because he wanted to not us. He enjoys it so far and I have some nice background music when working at my desk (the piano is where my desk is).
Not only chicken eggs but goose eggs need to be painted too.
Something new for this year - magnets.
Tonight it is card playing night. Skat is the name of the game.
The boys made some popcorn to go along with watching a film or two.

10 Kommentare:

  1. Gruß Gott, I hope that is right..:)
    I love your pictures and all the art work that you do. I wish you were closer so that i could learn to paint along with you. I am an Indian expat in Germany and have slowly adjusted to your way of life. I do not like Saturdays here because of the grocery shopping we have to do every week.

  2. Schöne 12 von 12. Wegen Deiner tollen Fotos gibt es bei uns jetzt Frühstückseier am Wochenende, ich habe extra Eierbecher gekauft :-)
    Wo kann man eigentlich unbemalte und unbestempelte Hühnereier kaufen? Ich wollte auch mal welche bemalen, aber Auspusten ist so eine furchtbare Arbeit...

  3. Hallo Mona,
    es gibt hier in Deutschland Händler für unbemalte Eier von verschiedenen Vögeln. Wir sehen uns ja am Dienstag dann bring ich die Adressen mit. Außerdem ist es ganz einfach Eier auszupusten. Nur nicht mit dem Mund bitte. Wie das geht erzähle ich dir auch am Dienstag. Bis denne.

  4. Am Sonntag so ein tolles Brotbuffet aufzustellen ist schon toll:-) I love Sunday

  5. Christa - only you could make a line of socks this artistic. Nice!

    Hope to see you next month... with all those beautiful eggs... you'll be busy! :)

  6. Schöne Fotos. Schöne Grüsse aus Ohio! :)

  7. GReat 12 of 12 photos. i don't know which one I like best ut if I had to choose it would be the 4th one with the snow. Otherwise, I would have to pick any of the others they are all very good. Anyway, thanks for sharing and will see you next month

  8. a husband that brings in flowers is a good husband, but surely, you are deserving of all this. and you've captured it so well!!
    i feel sorry for those winterlinge but surely they will bounce back from all of that snow? we have the same problem here...

    i just love your macro shot. SPLENDID!!

    BUT!! when will you do ALL OF THOSE EGGS!!

    even if he never makes it a career, knowing music is therapy for the soul, fun at parties and an inspiration in one's life. i wish i knew music...

    and you managed to make a card deck beautiful. typical!! you do this so well!!
    thanx 4 sharing!!

  9. Nice pics!

    I did a bunch of macro/close-ups this month, too!

    The bread in the first picture is just making me want bretzeln and brotchen like crazy!

  10. Beautiful photos - I love the snow ones especially, and the bread... mmm!

    Good luck with the market and the painted eggs :D

    Sorry I'm a bit late commenting - here at last (and my own 12 posted too). Just a busy time!

    Helen (Dogeared)